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Still relatively undiscovered, always adventurous, this peaceful Slavic state sits at the frontier of East and West. Its distinct charm comes from colorful multi-cultural heritage, including Illyrian, Roman, French, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Venetian influences.


Boka Bay or Boka Kotorska is the largest bay in the Adriatic. Sailing into its calm, hidden waters between two striking capes, this natural amphitheater captivates sailors from around the world.


Politically stable, and the world’s only ecological state, Montenegro has a sovereign status since its independence in 2006. The Government has the clear objective of creating a business-friendly environment, with minimal state interference and tax regimes among the most competitive in Europe.


Getting to Portonovi is easy. Either by air through one of Montenegro’s two international airports or via Dubrovnik in Croatia. For those coming in from the high seas there are numerous marinas and three seaports.


Myriad activities on water and land await, summer and winter. Boka Bay is the perfect springboard to both the fabulous Montenegrin coast and mountains.

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